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Age: 16
Race:Magical Caucasian Tiger Girl
Ashley seemed to have it all: a body boys would kill for, a kind heart, great friends, and intelligence. It seemed like any other shop selling costumes and she and her BFF both pick up a couple cute suits for Kimberly's Halloween bash. She went with a cute cat girl Kimberly with a skunk outfit. Little aware of how their lives would change.


Age: 16
Race: Magical Caucasian Leopard Boy
To be Reveald Later


Age: 17
Race:Magical Caucasian Skunk Girl
Of the 2 girls Kimberly took the change hardest. Being turned into a skunk will do that to you. Even when not spraying someone a skunk has a distinguishing musk, which while not at full strength still drives away other non-skunks. To go from a popular girl to the one that stink like a skunk is a heavy blow.


Age: 16
Race: Cat Boy
To be Reveald Later


Age: 8
Race:Magical Caucasian Tiger Girl
Shyril is Ashley’s sister, fresh back from trick or treating she sees Kimberly’s discarded costume and tries it on. Not following the directions she become more animal like then Ashley. While Ashley must deal with the sociological change to a cat girl Shyril is much deeper effecting her personality, her biology and her sensibilities.


Age: 19
Race:Caucasian Girl
To be Reveald Later


Age: 23
Race:Latino Boy
To be Reveald Later

"The Men in Black"

Age: ???
Race: ???
To be Reveald Later
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